The Basics of Learning Web Design

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Perhaps you want to start a new online business and need a website, or you just want to learn web design as the start of a new career path. Whatever your needs, learning how to design websites can be an exciting endeavor.

In the past, website design was best left to the professionals; however, current technology has included the additional of easy to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) design tools has made it more accessible to the general public. While these tools have made web design a bit easier, it is still necessary to have HTML coding knowledge.

Here are a few general tips on learning web design.

Set aside some time each day to learn and practice the basics. While you can possibly learn the basics in one day, by taking a more lengthy learning approach you will retain the ideas and knowledge better. It is advised to take approximately one week to learn the basics and then move onto more advanced skills such as style sheets and Flash.

Check out websites such as for more information on learning web design, as well as examples of well-designed sites.

Look for and use free online tutorials and instructional videos that teach both general design as well as web design skills. While you may be learning web design skills, a site that is not visually pleasing and uses poor graphic design elements will not be effective.

Check your HTML code regularly using a text editor such as NotePad. In addition, many WYSYWYG programs have code editors that will allow you to examine your code.

Learn to design your own web page!


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The internet has now become the doorway that almost everyone uses to communicate with people the world over. Whether friends or family or even complete strangers, a presence on the web is sure to get noticed. This is the reason why websites are such a popular medium of promoting products and services. A lot of people also have personal websites that sell nothing but just people know more about them! However, websites need to have registered domains as well as content that need to be uploaded and updated on the net.


There was a time when web designing was a task performed by highly trained professionals who charged mammoth amounts of money to design basic websites. However, all that has changed as websites became more commonly used and training in web designing became freely available. Today, it is possible for people to register their own domains, host as well as design their own websites with very little training. First, a person needs to be clear about what is the objective behind developing the website.


You then need to come up with a relevant website name. Availability of a name can be easily checked at most of the popular domain registration sites. Draw up a plan on what kind of content you want on your site. Brainstorm with friends and family on what kind of a look or image you want your website to portray. Do you want your site to look funky or classy and elegant? Then search the internet for online training guides on web designing. There are also several free web designing software available on the internet for download and use.



Many major web sites offer a free spot on the web that the consumer can call home. Google calls theirs IGoogle. Yahoo calls theirs My Yahoo. Such places allow you to custom design how your home experience will be. This is all fine and well so long as the person is good at making up his mind and planning out his place. Here’s a little help.

One strategy is to view this page as your own personal newspaper. It has no subscription fee, no paperboy, and no real limits. What would it contain if it were a newspaper? One obvious starting point would be the weather. It can be the weather where you live or where friends live. Remember there are no limits here. Simply search the site for related feeds and add them to your page. It is as simple as that. And now the weather stands out on your page.

Most people would then want some type of news. These sites offer local, national, and world news. Also they offer applications that will search out news by keyword so that you can keep up with your favorite topics. Remember, this is your newspaper and you can have it anyway you like. Perhaps you might want more than one news item. That is fine as well. Lets not forget about the sports, perhaps some funnies, and perhaps a few daily quotes to get the day off right. This can really be so much fun.

This custom designed location can also be interactive. Bet your local paper can’t do that. Chat applications, Twitter updates, or even text messaging applications can also be added to this special online experience. All of this is fast to create and easy to use. Go ahead. Try it for yourself. Web designing, once you learn the basics, is simply easy to pick up and make useful. There are only a handful of major software you have to learn – Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash, and maybe a bit of php, but once you learn these, you can go on to become a great web designer.