Many major web sites offer a free spot on the web that the consumer can call home. Google calls theirs IGoogle. Yahoo calls theirs My Yahoo. Such places allow you to custom design how your home experience will be. This is all fine and well so long as the person is good at making up his mind and planning out his place. Here’s a little help.

One strategy is to view this page as your own personal newspaper. It has no subscription fee, no paperboy, and no real limits. What would it contain if it were a newspaper? One obvious starting point would be the weather. It can be the weather where you live or where friends live. Remember there are no limits here. Simply search the site for related feeds and add them to your page. It is as simple as that. And now the weather stands out on your page.

Most people would then want some type of news. These sites offer local, national, and world news. Also they offer applications that will search out news by keyword so that you can keep up with your favorite topics. Remember, this is your newspaper and you can have it anyway you like. Perhaps you might want more than one news item. That is fine as well. Lets not forget about the sports, perhaps some funnies, and perhaps a few daily quotes to get the day off right. This can really be so much fun.

This custom designed location can also be interactive. Bet your local paper can’t do that. Chat applications, Twitter updates, or even text messaging applications can also be added to this special online experience. All of this is fast to create and easy to use. Go ahead. Try it for yourself. Web designing, once you learn the basics, is simply easy to pick up and make useful. There are only a handful of major software you have to learn – Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash, and maybe a bit of php, but once you learn these, you can go on to become a great web designer.