Finding the Best Computer for You

Computers are a funny thing. While they are extremely complicated on the inside, the extraordinary marketing and technological advances of recent years have made them pretty simple to understand when it comes to identifying what your needs are. While there is actually a law (which was originally put forward in 1968) which states that computer speeds are going to double every 18 months (and which has been consistently proven to be true since that time), the fact of the matter is that for a lot of people, having the very fastest computer which is currently available would be both a waste of perfectly good hardware and a waste of their money.

For a lot of people, such as those whose idea of video gaming is going to an Online Casino, a notebook with a gigabyte of RAM, a 50 gigabyte hard drive and a basic dual core processor should still be good a few years down the line. While you can always get more than you need, the question you need to ask yourself is why you would even bother?

Think about it. When you buy a computer, you are investing what may be several weeks worth of pay into something which you are likely going to have for two or three years. While the computer you buy today may very well last years, in a lot of cases the software you use is not going to be all that different five years from now. The days when every year brought out a new operating system have passed, and a lot of applications don’t need much.