Understanding Programming Languages

Computer feestje

Image by arneheijenga via Flickr

Individuals who enjoy computer sciences and advancements in technology might be interested in learning how to become a computer developer. In order to be successful in this career path, people must understand the basics of programming, since without this knowledge, a program or website cannot be created.

There are many programming languages that are used to create computer applications, servers, and utilities. Basically, it is a way for humans to communicate commands to a computer. Every single program that is installed on a computer runs in a language that a computer can comprehend. Otherwise, the software would never be able to run. The main languages are Java, C, C++, and Assembler. Windows, Linux, and some other operating systems run in C and C++, while the process of booting and starting the computer is usually in Assembler. Java is used to run most software programs and applications.

Those who are interested in pursuing a career as a computer programmer or web developer can take courses, either online or in person, to understand the way these systems work. Many of these individuals will continue to take classes throughout the course of their career, since there are always changes in technology and updates to programming languages.

Computer science seems to be ever-growing. It can be a great career choice, as long as those interested understand the complexity of the work and attention to detail that will be expected. Those who enjoy this type of work are sure to find great pleasure in a job like this.

Basic Poker Strategy

Is money won better than money earned? It might spend the same, but taking an online poker pot sure seems like more fun than working a traditional nine to five job. Even though only a small percentage of poker players play as full-time professionals, it can still be a fun and profitable hobby for players that take the time to learn basic strategy.

Earn a Reputation

It’s called gambling, but needlessly calling time after time will cause a player to go bust rather than take pots. Aggressive playing works, but usually only after a player develops a reputation. Rather than trying to take every pot, players need to build up their profile and be established as smart players. When the time comes to take a major pot, the reputation as a smart player will give players a chance to win when the stakes are highest. Poker is not about winning the most hands; it’s about winning the most money.

Patience is a Virtue

Even though taking the first pot seems like the best way to start at a table, aggression is usually not a poker player’s best strategy, unless the hand calls for it. Players need to realize that poker is not about playing the cards; it is about playing your opponents. Even though it can be difficult to know a player’s tendencies during a quick game, learning these skills is the key to success in poker. Knowing which players to raise and which players to fold is the most basic poker strategy. When playing against unsophisticated or novice players, exploiting their weaknesses can be the path to easy victory.


This time of year many folks are thinking about their income taxes. Will they owe? Will they get a refund? Where will they get their taxes filed from and who will help them get the job done? This at one time was the big moneymaker time for the tax accountant, but not so much anymore. The Internal Revenue Service efile service has become the way to get things done for the average American. What about you? Will this technology help?

Step one in the process is to select a site where you can prepare your forms. The irs.gov site contains a list of approved providers to aid in your selection. Some even offer free preparation. Most do allow the taxpayer to deduct any fee from their refund if one is due. Some go so far as to offer the well-loved rapid refund, where a loan is issued equal to the expected refund in order to allow the recipient to have their money in a day or two. All of this without even leaving the comfort of the office chair.

After a site is selected comes the process of getting started with that site. Most offer two or three plan options. Just pick the one that best suits your particular needs and move on. Then the client will gather information about you in order to set up your forms. Personal information will be needed here, so be sure to have access to important information. You wouldn’t want an error to cause any delays.

These programs simply ask simple questions to guide you through the process. Most of the time even a child could answer or fill out the form this way. It makes it easy to get the job done. Then the site obtains and confirms bank account information for direct transfer of the refund check. That’s it. You’re done, well at least as long as there were no errors. Once your return is okayed by the IRS all is done. You do not have to go anywhere, or pay a lot of money to H&R Block.

Which Platform is Best to Learn?

There are a lot of different platforms out there, depending on what you’re doing. There are platforms for sites, for blogs, and for creating a lot of different kinds of user experiences. Of course, you probably don’t want to (or need to) learn them all. It’s much easier to just learn what you need to know for the kinds of things you want to create. If you need to do something else later that’s outside of your skill set, you can take the time to learn something else or you can hire someone to do that part of the work for you. The possibilties really are endless.

Overall, which platform is best depends on you, and what you want to do. Based on the kind of site you’re trying to create or the type of blog you want to build, there are plenty of choices. A lot of people use platforms that are already created by others, because they are easy to deal with. They just plug their information in, and they are up and running. Of course, someone had to create those platforms in the first place, and someone also has to keep templates available for people to use. If you see that one platform seems superior to the others for your needs, that should be the platform that you make an effort to learn.

When you get really good at it, you can use your skills to help others – possibly even for pay. That will allow you to do more, and will give you both more practice and more confidence. After you’ve mastered a platform, you can learn others so that you’re better able to help more and more people. Don’t assume that you can’t learn more than one platform, because it’s possible – it’s just better not to try to learn them both at once.

There are Many Development Platforms Available

If you want to work on the development of software, websites, blogs, or IT in general, there are a lot of development platforms you can learn about. Which ones you’ll need to know will depend on what you want to do, specifically. For example, you wouldn’t learn the same type of platform to be a blogging guru as you would if you were building entire computer systems from the ground up. It’s very important that you keep that in mind, since there are so many platform options available today. If you’re not sure what you want to learn, take the time to narrow down your focus to the kinds of technological advances and devices you really want to work with.

If you do that, you’ll be much more likely to see that learning a large number of platforms really isn’t necessary. You’ll only need to learn a handful – and maybe as few as two or three – for the work that you’ll be doing. What is your specialty, or what do you want your future specialty to be? When you decide that, then it’s time to start focusing on the platforms that are related to that specialty. Spreading yourself too thin never works, so avoid doing that and you’ll have the time to learn much more about the areas in which you’re really interested.

You can also talk to others who are already doing what you think you want to do. Find out how much they like what they do, whether they are happy with the money they’re making, and if they would change anything. If a lot of people in your chosen field want to be doing something different, perhaps it’s not the right field for you. Consider that carefully before you start learning a lot of development platforms.