Basic Poker Strategy

Is money won better than money earned? It might spend the same, but taking an online poker pot sure seems like more fun than working a traditional nine to five job. Even though only a small percentage of poker players play as full-time professionals, it can still be a fun and profitable hobby for players that take the time to learn basic strategy.

Earn a Reputation

It’s called gambling, but needlessly calling time after time will cause a player to go bust rather than take pots. Aggressive playing works, but usually only after a player develops a reputation. Rather than trying to take every pot, players need to build up their profile and be established as smart players. When the time comes to take a major pot, the reputation as a smart player will give players a chance to win when the stakes are highest. Poker is not about winning the most hands; it’s about winning the most money.

Patience is a Virtue

Even though taking the first pot seems like the best way to start at a table, aggression is usually not a poker player’s best strategy, unless the hand calls for it. Players need to realize that poker is not about playing the cards; it is about playing your opponents. Even though it can be difficult to know a player’s tendencies during a quick game, learning these skills is the key to success in poker. Knowing which players to raise and which players to fold is the most basic poker strategy. When playing against unsophisticated or novice players, exploiting their weaknesses can be the path to easy victory.