This time of year many folks are thinking about their income taxes. Will they owe? Will they get a refund? Where will they get their taxes filed from and who will help them get the job done? This at one time was the big moneymaker time for the tax accountant, but not so much anymore. The Internal Revenue Service efile service has become the way to get things done for the average American. What about you? Will this technology help?

Step one in the process is to select a site where you can prepare your forms. The irs.gov site contains a list of approved providers to aid in your selection. Some even offer free preparation. Most do allow the taxpayer to deduct any fee from their refund if one is due. Some go so far as to offer the well-loved rapid refund, where a loan is issued equal to the expected refund in order to allow the recipient to have their money in a day or two. All of this without even leaving the comfort of the office chair.

After a site is selected comes the process of getting started with that site. Most offer two or three plan options. Just pick the one that best suits your particular needs and move on. Then the client will gather information about you in order to set up your forms. Personal information will be needed here, so be sure to have access to important information. You wouldn’t want an error to cause any delays.

These programs simply ask simple questions to guide you through the process. Most of the time even a child could answer or fill out the form this way. It makes it easy to get the job done. Then the site obtains and confirms bank account information for direct transfer of the refund check. That’s it. You’re done, well at least as long as there were no errors. Once your return is okayed by the IRS all is done. You do not have to go anywhere, or pay a lot of money to H&R Block.