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In Kansas City a young mother of twins manages her military home the best that she knows how. Way across the ocean in Germany her husband works with the United States Army. The telephone bill would be out of this world if they were to depend on that mode of communication. How can this family stay in touch, make decisions, and share daily events? He introduced her to a software known as Skype, available at

In order to use Skype you will need a microphone, speakers, high-speed internet access, and enough RAM to permit the generated activity. After downloading and installing the program the user is prompted to create a totally free account. Once an account has been created, the client can start getting in touch.

Skype will let you import contacts from email accounts, Facebook, Myspace and other online locations. Also users can search the directory by name, email address, or even location. After creating a basic contact list it is time to chat and enjoy.

What are some of the many ways to communicate with Skype? Skype permits voice conversation, so you do not need to type if you do not want to. Instant messaging is available, along with file sharing, video conferencing, application sharing, and a few games. For a slight fee customers can add telephone service that can even go world wide. This software offers lots of options.

This family mentioned earlier can keep in touch every day with this software. She can share memorable moments of kids activities with him. He can let her see his smiling face and hear his charming voice. While Skype won’t bring him home to her, it will bring him as close as pictures as the internet will allow. This is marvelous technology, and it is also one of the most “emotive” uses that it can be used for.